I was 25 years old and lived in Oakville, Ontario, a cycling friendly community near Toronto, Canada, when I completed the Campaign for Good News bicycle ride during the summer of 2012. I began

riding bikes in 2009 when I cycled solo and unsupported across Canada raising money for cancer in memory of my childhood friend. That experience taught me how satisfying and rewarding it is to help others and that the first and most important step in ‘making a difference’ is simply caring. It also sparked my interest in cycling and bicycle touring, which has now become a large part of my life.

I started this campaign because I see the need for it. I don’t think it’s naïve to say that there is value in hearing positive news

stories and though I understand that an informed public is one that hears all news regardless of how distasteful or unsettling it may be, I think a better balance could be struck. At least to me, there seems to be a slow but noticeable move towards stories that are shocking and dramatic and away from those that are everyday and hopeful.

Aside from enjoying the challenge of riding a bicycle all day, what I enjoy most about bicycle touring is meeting new people, learning about new places, and ultimately realizing that regardless of where we live we are all more or less the same. I hope this campaign demonstrates that to you too.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the campaign, especially those who have donated their time to help it succeed.



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